5 ways to achieve and succeed at Entrepreneurship


5 ways to achieve and succeed at Entrepreneurship

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If you haven’t already read my (where do you fit in) page you should check it out.  You can check it now…..I’ll wait.  ?  because that’s where I previously identified a few different groups that you have either previously fit into or currently fit into, obviously some of these groups you will always fit into.  For example, once you’ve retired you’ll most likely remain retired.  However, retirement doesn’t mean that you don’t have a need for more money actually, in most cases you need it much more since there’s no paycheck coming in.  Then we have the groups that you will not only want to change but need to change, such as unemployment. Ultimately, any group you fit into can fit into 2 main categories as I’ll illustrate below.

Business Professional
Stay at Home Mom or Dad
Underemployed or Unemployed


beach-885109_640Category 1

An alternative to the traditional way of enjoying Life with financial freedom.

  • For example: Currently working as a busy business professional, but don’t have the time to enjoy spending time with your family and seeing your children grow up.

Category 2

Any option to enjoy Life with financial freedom.

  • For example: Currently unemployed and struggling to find a job that will pay you for your years of experience in the field because you don’t have a degree.

So I broke this down a little further only to illustrate that no matter what your current situation looks like ultimately most of us WANT MORE.  So, since it really doesn’t matter where you currently fit in I assume you are here because you already know where you WANT TO BE IN THE FUTURE and looking for the way to achieve it.

This is where I can help you…. hop over to these guys.

There are 5 basic things that any online entrepreneur must have in order to achieve and succeed.


1) An Idea or Niche……..which is something that you have a passion for it could be a hobby, a product, a service, jewelry, books or electronics my point here is that it can literally be anything.

However, let’s say you don’t know what your passion is or you don’t have a hobby that you can sell.  Does this mean you can’t become an online entrepreneur……NOT AT ALL but let me tell you why!

To be honest, this very issue was my biggest hurdle to overcome and has ultimately held me back for way too many years.  For the life of me, I couldn’t understand how so many people  I spoke to could spit out their individual passions before I could even finish asking the question…..but this was just not the case for me.  For me it really came down to not being able to connect a passion to a realistic and achievable business venture that I could build and earn from.  I kept thinking to myself the things I really enjoyed didn’t seem realistic or profitable to sell, required some sort of degree or licensed expertise that I didn’t have, or have already been done…..almost to death!

So let me tell you a couple things I knew that I really enjoyed or that I felt I was good at. But let’s start out with some of my personality traits I have a lot of common sense, I’m honest, no matter what and I love to help people.  Hmmm…..what do I do with that?   I had no idea.  ?   Well, if you were to ask my family or friends what is one thing that stands out about me, they will likely say that I am always there for them…..no matter what.  If they need help with a financial decision, legal problem, a personal choice or decision or they need advice with their significant other……I’m their “go to” person. First, because I don’t sugar coat things……I’m honest even if it hurts a little.  Second, because although I don’t have a degree in psychology or law, I do have  a tremendous amount of common sense, compassion, life experience and understand most aspects of life in general you know the old say a Jack of all trades but master of none.  ?  So by now, maybe you can see my dilemma, but if not think about it.

When I tried to answer the question of what I’m passionate about all I ran into were obstacles.  I was always able to come up with a legitimate reason I couldn’t do something related to my passions……but I definitely didn’t want to do something that I wasn’t passionate about….see that’s where my common sense kicks in.  ?  So here I was with really legitimate reasons like I can’t practice law, I can’t be a therapist…..ok I could if I wanted to go back to school, but nope I had no desire to do that.  So the best thing I could really come up with that fit within my strengths and passion was a life coach.  Well again….the common sense thing kicks in again. My problem here was it felt a little unethical or deceptive in some way (which didn’t sit well with me).  I can completely justify providing loving advice to family and friends because I know them and their situations personally, but to strangers….that was a little harder for me to justify, as I would not want to guide someone in a life changing decision especially not knowing them personally  and without having a specific field of expertise, it just seemed too risky.  So that takes me to my other talent which is writing…..I love to write, but again, my writing is really more about personal situations and advice……so again it seemed unacceptable to provide it to the general public.

So this left me with one of my biggest passions and honestly it seemed that it was the most unrealistic and most unachievable passions I had. More than anything I wanted to have the financial freedom and the ability to live a life I enjoyed (no matter what it is) with my family and friends and help them achieve this lifestyle as well.  I want the freedom to take a vacation, or sign up for a yoga class when I choose. I want the freedom to work when I choose to work.  When I thought this through or tried to explain it to others, it sometimes felt like I was implying I was looking for an easy way to be laying on a beach somewhere, but this was just not true.  I’m definitely not afraid of hard work and to be completely honest, I’m a workaholic I just want to do it on my terms and reap the benefits for myself and not an employer.

This thought process took me into a vicious circle because how could I accomplish that if every time I tried to answer what my passion was, it led me right back to what I was good at and why those ideas wouldn’t work.  So this was a HUGE challenge for me until I found Wealthy Affiliate.

So how and why is Wealthy Affiliate the answer for me?

Because as I mentioned, I love to help people, I love to write,  I want to achieve a life of freedom, help others achieve it, and finally I wanted something that I truly believed in and can do with integrity and honesty.  With Wealthy Affiliate I have the ability to accomplish all the things I love, so I knew it was what I was looking for as soon as I signed up as a starter member and became a premium member within the first 7 days.

Sorry if I got a little long winded there….but that was a big hurdle for me so let’s get back to our list of 5 ways to achieve and succeed in entrepreneurship.

2) Website….this one is easy, nowadays you almost can’t be in any business without a website. So as a starter member at Wealthy Affiliate you get 2 free websites in any niche you choose & 50 as a premium member…honestly I don’t know that I would ever use 50….but they’re there if I need them.


3) Training…….well training is one of the most important things you need to achieve entrepreneurship especially if you’re not really what we call tech savvy or familiar with online or affiliate marketing.

There are quite a few things you need to know about and this is just one example. Search engine ranking such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. What is Ranking?   Ranking occurs after you start writing articles on your site and it is critical to your online business success, Search engines rank your site by how much original content you have and how often you write it.  It will require at the very least 2 or 3 posts (articles) a week.  So the more quality content you create, the higher the ranking, which means the more traffic (visitors) you get to your site, which results in more sales.

So content is KEY to building your site so this can take some training in itself, especially if you struggle with spelling or grammar, because search engines such as google don’t like spelling & grammar errors.  However there are many free tools to help you with this.  You’ll also need to understand Keywords and how they work, luckily Wealthy Affiliate has a keyword search tool as well.

To sum up the training portion of this I’d like you to know that learning all this takes time and so does building your website.  Businesses take time to build so if you’re looking at starting a business, any business, whether it is online or not, it doesn’t happen overnight and if that’s not something you can live with then you shouldn’t even try.  If you’re looking for something that will make you rich with very little effort, then you should keep searching online…..there are plenty of them out there, but beware because you will likely waste your time & money and will most likely not succeed.  If on the other hand you are willing to work hard and be patient….. then I can help you achieve entrepreneurship.  Remember slow and steady wins the race!


4) They have support and help…….let me tell you that most entrepreneurs definitely had help or support in building their business.  Business owners typically consult with other individuals on a regular basis, it could be a consultant, a family member, an organization or networking group.  Most business owners are not an expert in every aspect of their business.  So no matter what type of business you choose, make sure that you reach out to people that can help or support you when you need it.  I’ll tell you how I can help you here as well in my closing comments.

5) Determination……if you really want to achieve success as an entrepreneur, you must have determination because it gives us the strength to do what we’ve set out to do no matter who tells us we can’t!  “Some people succeed because they are destined to, but MOST because they are determined to” ~ Unknown

So in conclusion, if after reading this you are determined to become an entrepreneur, I can help you achieve it along with an entire community of like minded people that genuinely want to see you succeed. This community will encourage you, teach you and congratulate you on your successes!  I’m by no means saying it will be easy, I’m saying in the end it will be worth it!  So ask yourself  “if what you’re doing today is getting you any closer to where you want to be tomorrow” ~ Unknown

The reality of becoming an Entrepreneur is within your grasp……reach for it!


In addition to all the support, as shown in my illustration below you can gain access to all the training and tools you need to get your business up and running, it’s like an all inclusive online university for entrepreneurs!

If you’re ready to make things happen check out my getting started page here!

As always, feel free to leave me any questions or comments below.



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8 thoughts on “5 ways to achieve and succeed at Entrepreneurship

  1. As a Wealthy Affiliate member and Ambassador, I can definitely say that WA is the way to go towards financial freedom and independence. I joined about 10 months ago after joining a scam and have been very pleased with the training, the community, and the independence.

    1. Hello Steph,

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site. I’m so pleased with everything I’ve experienced at WA and look forward to reaching your level of expertise!

      Thank you,

  2. Hi Melanie, I love your website. It is so lovely and informative. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely an amazing place. I know I am glad that I joined. Who knew you could get 2 FREE websites and training for affiliate marketing? Plus the upgrade is definitely worth it and very inexpensive. On top of the amazing resources, the WA community is by far the best and most positive online group to be in. It’s nearly impossible to fail with that many entrepreneurs helping you out in any way that they can. What a place to learn, grow, and succeed. Take care, I’ll see you within WA soon!

    1. Hi Allison, Thanks for checking out my site. I totally agree the premium level is really worth it and inexpensive especially when you consider the cost of starting a traditional business. I do agree as long as you’re willing to do the work and not give up it’s nearly impossible to fail especially with all the tools and support available.

      I wish you great success and see you in WA

  3. Wow are really good and honest post, It makes you want to make a change to read something like this. Informative, great grammar and enticing. I was interested myself haha

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thanks for taking a look at 5 ways to achieve and succeed. I appreciate your comments and hope you’ll stop by in the future!

      Wish you great success!

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