Do you have what it takes to Make Money Online Legitimately



 CAN IT BE DONE?                                                                                                  

The answer to this question is YES, otherwise the internet wouldn’t be of any value to any of us, would it?  However, there are some things you have to consider when attempting to accomplish it.  So I’d like to share a few KEY points!

But first, let’s discuss the differences between making money by owning your own brick & mortar business, a traditional job, or venturing out on your own online.  Because there are some differences in owning a business and working a job I’ll compare them both separately to an online business.

Let’s consider the basics of Owning a Traditional Business vs Online Business

  • Does it take money to get started?         YES/YES but typically much less
  • Does it require your time?                      YES/YES
  • Does it require commitment?                 YES/YES
  • Is it hard work?                                      YES/YES
    • Can you take time off whenever you choose?         NOT LIKELY/YES
    • Can you raise your children full time?                    NOT LIKELY/YES
      • Do you need employee’s?                                                 YES/NO
      • Do you have overhead expenses?                                     YES/NO
      • Do you have to commute?                                                YES/NO
      • Can you earn money quickly?                                           NOT LIKELY/NOT LIKELY

Now, let’s consider the basics of working a Job vs Online Business

  • Does it take money to get started?         NOT LIKELY/YES
  • Does it require your time?                     YES/YES
  • Does it require commitment?                YES/YES
  • Is it hard work?                                      SOMETIMES/YES
    • Can you take time off whenever you choose?        NOT LIKELY/YES
    • Can you raise your children full time?                   NO/YES
      • Do you have to commute?                                             YES/NO
      • Can you earn money quickly?                                        NOT LIKELY/NOT LIKELY

So the truth is if you’re expecting to make money easily & quickly you’re definitely going to be disappointed because there is no legitimate way to do so easily or quickly.  However, if you’re looking to own your own online business and make money for yourself then you should keep reading.  I’m not going to sugar coat it, it will require hard work, time, money and a commitment on your part.

We’ve been taught all our lives to go to school, get a good job with benefits, work hard, and you’ll be successful.  I know for the younger generation it’s probably hard to believe that most people worked at the same company for most of their adult lives.  Back then it was normal for you to build your seniority at a company and be promoted within the organization until you retired.  This is no longer the case as most companies either don’t survive that long, there are more company mergers & downsizing or they just don’t have that kind of loyalty to their employee’s.   So was the past way of working for a company for 30 years a bad thing….No, it was just different and it worked at the time.  However, our options were pretty limited back then and our opportunities have dramatically changed now we have the internet, the possibilities are almost endless.

So let’s talk about the opportunities available to us now!

Understandably, one of the first things that deters most people from starting to work and make money online, is that at some point they themselves or someone they know has been a victim of some sort of scam online….trust me it’s happened to me as well.  Although, I totally understand the hesitation, I disagree with the mentality that every online business is a scam, just because they are selling you a product or service online doesn’t make it a scam. Just like any traditional business they started it in order to make money.  However, If the online business has not provided you with the product or service they implied or advertised then yes they should be labeled as a scam.  I’ll get into a little more detail on this later!

  Most people don’t even try or succeed due to a few reasons.

  1. Fear of being scammed or losing money
  2. Fear of Failing
  3. It’s easier to trade your time for money
  4. or the Lack the drive or determination

So let’s keep it real and let me break down just a few things that are required to LEGITIMATELY make money online.

But let’s get this first question answered right off the bat!

Will it cost me anything to get started?

Of course it will, is it free to start any business….NO!  I don’t care what kind of business you start, you will have costs.  You just need to determine if the cost or investment seems reasonable and if you can afford it.  Listen, we all have financial ups and downs and if the cost of purchasing or investing in your own business will keep food off your table or a roof over your head then starting a business is not a good idea….so don’t do it!  Maybe down the road when things are different you can consider it, but that’s a call you have to make.  If you believe you can afford to start your own business then ask yourself the following questions DO I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?

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Do you really want to do this?

Well for some people the immediate response to this question is a resounding YES!  But I’d like to point out that some people may respond this way for a couple different reasons.  They may have some misconceptions of what is really involved in making money online and haven’t really considered what it’s really like to actually do it.  So let’s talk about what these misconceptions are.  Well some people think that working from home is a fast easy way to get rich or just plain EASY and they don’t have to work very hard…..since they don’t have to answer to anyone but themselves.  Well I’m here to tell you that if you want to legitimately make money online it’s not easy, and it requires patience, desire, discipline, determination and last but definitely not least hard work.  So let’s break these requirements down a little further.

Do you have the patience required?

Remember the old saying “if it looks to good to be true, it probably is” well that really rings true in some cases.  The internet is loaded with online scams that promise you a lot of money, quickly & with very little effort.  The problem with this type of marketing, is that they’ve discredited legitimate companies and legitimate possibilities, which really do exist.  They have over saturated the internet and our minds with the fear of even trying to succeed. Unfortunately, our mindset as a society has now been programmed to think that if one is a scam they all are.  However, this is just untrue there are good and bad in every aspect of our lives and we need to use common sense & research the information before making a decision.  So we need patience to do our homework and ultimately realize that building a business (whether it is a traditional or online business) does not happen overnight and neither does being successful at it.

Do I have the desire?

Honestly, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing then you won’t be successful at it.  Whether you realize it or not life is short and we should enjoy it while we have the opportunity….otherwise we are just existing and not living!

Do I have the discipline?

Well discipline is something that tends to be a challenge for most people trying to start an online business.  As a working society that has to answer to “a boss” or “a company” we are so used to having someone over our shoulders making sure we stay on task and do our jobs so we don’t lose it.  However, when you work for yourself the only one you have to answer to is yourself, which can be a difficult thing for some people to do. You will have to run the business like a business and you will need to schedule, plan and keep on task.  If you don’t have the discipline to do the work you will never be successful!  If you are the type of person that needs to be regularly told what to do, keep you on task and keep you motivated then having your own business is just not for you.

Am I determined?

Determination is needed to give you the strength to do all the other things I mentioned above.  If you have the determination to do the work and be successful then you will make building your business your priority!

Last but not least… I willing to put in the work?

If you decide that working from home and running an online business is for you then I’m here to tell you……it is a lot of work not only to own a business but most likely if you’re reading this you will need to learn the technical side of the business as well.  So I’m not going to glamorize it, if you want to reap the rewards of being a business owner you have to do the work….because you’re the only one there to do it!  No boss over your shoulder telling you what and when to do it……it’s all up to YOU!!

So in conclusion, how do I learn the details of starting an online business?

It’s really very simple, you need training and support! This is where Wealthy Affiliate and I can help you. Wealthy Affiliate is an online training program (aka) Wealthy Affiliate University.  They have all the tools and training needed to start an online business as well as the most helpful community to support you when you need it. This is a global community so there is someone online 24/7/365 to answer your questions or help you if you get stuck.  So here at Live, Learn and Earn I provide a sneak peek of what you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate however to have access to everything needed to get you up and running you should check out my getting started page so you can see all that it has to offer.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in my comments section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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4 thoughts on “Do you have what it takes to Make Money Online Legitimately

  1. The first thing I noticed in this article – and it rings true with me – is what you mentioned about determination. I made the decision recently that I was going to take my free time and be productive with it. Now, that isn’t a whole heck of a lot of time, but it is enough to create a website and post a healthy amount of articles each week. And, while there are other companies that offer tutorials on how to build websites, I can honestly say that Wealthy Affiliate has been the strongest.

    It starts with the networking that takes place in there. I have never seen so much moral support and motivation as I have seen there. It is, by far, the best move I made. While I am still very early in my experience, I have already accomplished so much more than I have in any other venture. I don’t know if it is the environment at Wealthy Affiliate or if it is because of past failures, but I am more determined than ever to make something of myself.

    This was definitely a great read and I look forward to other articles from you!

    1. Hi Jorge,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and writing to me. I totally understand, determination has played a huge part in my decision to figure out a way to live a life that I truly enjoy. I’ve had my share of failures along the way as well but I also learned from them. As you said and agree I’ve also already accomplished so much more since I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate than I ever have at any other venture I’ve tried and know that it will all be worth it in the end. The support and motivation is so unique it’s difficult to explain it’s just something you don’t typically see.

      I wish you great success!


  2. Melanie,

    Building on Jorge’s theme of “the first thing I noticed,” or at least the first thing that really grabbed my attention, were your charts comparing Traditional Business & Working A Job vs. Online Business. It’s like the classic “Pros & Cons” T-chart for decision making. And it clearly shows the advantages of an online business. Well done!

    I also agree with Jorge about determination, as well as investing “free time” into your business.

    You’re charts are quite inspiring, and help focus on how little it really requires to get started with an online business.

    Plus you offer to get me started! Thanks!

    1. Hi Roger,

      Thank you very much for stopping by my site and referencing my charts. I’m glad it was a useful tool to see the advantages of owning an online business. It really does take very little to get started, sometimes we just have to break things down into smaller ideas or thoughts to really see things clearly and I’m glad I was able to do that for you.

      Feel free to stop by anytime and leave a comment or question.

      Take Care,

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